Sangean Pillow Speaker fall asleep to music discreetly

Our sleeping habits don’t all do so well when there is a partner involved.  Sometimes we prefer to sleep one way, but when a significant other comes into the picture we try to adapt and become a little easier to live with.  Well if before you found that special someone you got into the habit of falling asleep with music on, you might want to check out this speaker.  I have seen on occasion headphones made for sleeping, but no matter what it means you have to sleep with something attached to your head.  Well this little speaker is a bit different and probably would end up being more comfortable.

Just plug it into your headphone jack, then slip it under your pillow.  You can adjust the volume to be more discreet.  Yes, it might still be heard a little, but it’s a decent compromise and you don’t wake up with a headache from wearing headphones.  Even better, if you just want to try the speaker out, it’s very cheaply priced.  You can pick it up on MGS for $16.95.

Source: ChipChick