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Sand-Off! – Dreaming of a Summer Sunday


It’s still a bit too chilly outside to be free of winter’s grasp just yet, but the spring soon approaches. Before long it will be summer, and the heat and kinder weather will allow us to go to the pool, or if you’re lucky enough, the beach! The only problem with the latter is guarding against sunburn, and trying not to take an entire duffel bag of sand home with you.

While you’re still going to be finding tiny granules in your car for weeks or months to come, Sand-Off might lessen the amount you’ll find. This is a mitt that has been infused with powder which is designed to help take any sand on your body off post-haste. It’s made of terry cloth and has a little pocket of baby powder residing within. It’s a simple thing you can make at home, but for those who don’t have time for DIY projects, this would be a life-saver.

To use this mitt, pat the cloth to get the powder moving and shaking, then rub it on skin that’s covered in sand. This should work with dry or wet sand alike, so you’ll be fine regardless of the situation. This is pretty pricey at $23 for one mitt, but it should work for more than one day at the beach. The bonus is that when this has seen its use, you can repurpose it as a cleaning cloth!

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