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The Sandman Clock is ready to rock and roll

sandman-clockI am quite sure that many of us are familiar with the advice of not having to reinvent the wheel. After all, if the wheel has served its purpose just fine for the past hundreds, or even thousands of years, why tinker with a winning formula? Sure, there are the crazy expensive run flat tires, and here we are with a different take on the humble alarm clock – something that many of us have relegated to a mere app on our smartphones and tablets these days. Palo Alto Innovation, an elite group of designers, engineers, and businessmen who happen to have a great love for gadgets, have recently announced the launch of The Sandman Clock.

The Sandman Clock does not intend to bring more of the same old, same old, as it re-imagines the classic alarm clock – to function in the modern twenty-first century. It will boast of a contemporary, neutral design that merges intuitive controls alongside what is claimed to be the largest auto-adjustable display of its type, accompanied by integrated cable management, and a quartet of USB ports which ensure that multiple consumer devices will be able to remain charged when you sleep, and ready to go by the time you wake up.

Before the Sandman Clock, consumers were unable to find an alarm clock with more than two USB ports plus cable management for less than the $50 mark. The Sandman Clock ensures that consumers’ needs are addressed, and best of all is, it comes with a pre-order price of just $29. Any takers?

How will the Sandman Clock fare against the likes of the Beddi clock? Only time will be able to tell, but right now, it is starting to look as though this particular segment of the market is experiencing some interesting competition, which is good for us consumers, of course.

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