Sandals and Sneakers with a Safe Spot for Your Money and Credit Cards

Stash Sandals and Tennis

If you live in a dangerous city, or if you’re planning on visiting one, it might be a good idea to take one of the ArchPort’s sandals or sneakers with you. These products have large hidden compartments in the soles, so you can stash your cash, ID, the key to your house or hotel room, credit cards, and whatever you find appropriate, as long as it fits in there.

The company says that the sandals and tennis are tested for durability and should last 5 years. Unlike some copies of these original products, the shoes allow you to access your stash without taking them off your feet. The technology new is patented, and the only risk you’re taking is if someone wants to steal the sandals or sneakers with everything in it.

Visit ArchPort’s website to see more pictures and find out about the details.

Via Smidigt.

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