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The Sand Funnel – because you can’t play in sand without the proper water-to-sand ratio

Sand Funnel

If you ever went to the beach when you were a little kid, you know how amazing sand seemed. It could be dry and take on no shape, slightly wet and malleable, or sludgy and awesome. Regardless of how you played with sand, you were certain to be covered in it by the end of the day, and it was only going to bother you a tiny amount in comparison to how much fun you had from it.

While it is completely possible to play in the sand without any help, toys can always make things more fun. If you now have children and are thinking about having a beach trip, then there’s likely a question of which water-friendly toys to get. If you want more of a focus on building sand castles, then maybe this Sand Funnel could be of use. This is a toy with two reservoirs, one for sand and the other for water so you can make all sorts of sand creations.

Both sides will be mixed when they fall out of the bottom of the funnel, allowing you to direct where the stream lands. There isn’t an on or off button though, so you’ll have to either plug the tip or make quick work of things when it’s full. Made of ABS plastic, this can be washed with soap and warm water. This is only going to cost you $10, which isn’t much, but will add on to the overall price from the multitude of other toys your child will want.

Available for purchase on uncommongoods