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San Francisco's MUNI Bus System has Video Game Equipped bus stops

I’m sure that you have waited at a bus stop before, and most of us have had little to occupy our time while we wait. Fortunately, if you live in San Francisco, that isn’t the case. Right now, many of the bus stops on the MUNI line are set up with touch-capable video screens that are designed for games like puzzles and trivia. This service for 20 stops in the Bay Area is sponsored by Yahoo. Not only is this designed to keep the would-be passenger occupied, but these screens are actually linked to each other. That means that those who are waiting can play with others who are waiting. By the way, the social networking aspect is actually an official competition rather than another way to kill time. You see, the player is allowed to enter in his or her neighborhood of choice, and if he or she wins, it is worth 100 points. On January 28th, the neighborhood with the most amount of points will attend an exclusive party with the band OK Go on February 5th. Now here’s a good question: why aren’t all bus systems in all major cities as hooked up as this one is in San Francisco? Man, it is almost enough to make me want to ride the bus for a change. Source ]]>