Samurai Sword Kitchen Knife Set lets you be a kitchen warrior

samurai-sword-kitchenDo you love spending time in the kitchen, slicing and dicing your way to a wonderful lunch or dinner for the whole family? If you have answered in the affirmative, then I am quite sure that you know how important having the right tools are, and a sharp knife is a chef’s best friend. Here is the $59.99 Samurai Sword Kitchen Knife Set which would make you wonder whether samurais of yore actually did not need to carry a kitchen knife with them, as their weapons of choice could chop off heads and stab through sinew and bone, as well as dice some garlic and ginger on the side while they’re preparing some ramen.

Talk about introducing some feudal Japanese culture into your kitchen, as the Samurai Sword Kitchen Knife Set comprises of a quartet of knives – namely paring, utility, bread, and chef’s knife. It is the ideal tool for fans of samurai movies or ninjas, although I am quite sure that there is a distinct difference between the two for purists. Not only that, you need not tote these around in your waistband, as they would arrive in a convenient display stand. The blades of these kitchen knives are made out of tempered stainless steel, while the saya (scabbards) are aluminum, with wood being the material of choice for the presentation stand.

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