Samurai Air Sword

smswd098709-834-thumb-550x473-30978Okay, this is probably going to be the last gadget that I am going to report on that isn’t related to CES 2010, at least for a few weeks. It is a simple device from a company called Happinet known as the Samurai Air Sword.

This battery powered sword handle uses two AAA batteries for the power to swoosh. With this, you can add some serious power of slicing to your air swipes, as well as some terrifically fatal thrusts. It has 48 different sound effects in all, and each one is probably activated by your different hand gestures.

Now some of you are probably asking: “what is this good for?” To that, I simply will respond: “Clearly, you have never seen Kill Bill” Yes, now you can act out your fantasies of being Uma Thurman’s character, and slicing up all those masked Crazy 88 guys in that one Japanese restaurant. That is a scene worth seeing, by the way. Yes, it is very violent, and Uma does hack up a lot of people. Just realize that it is all fake blood, which is very easy to see.

This samurai sword without a blade is available from Happinet online in colors of blue and red. It will cost you about 1,660 yen or $18 American dollars.

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