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Samsung’s Curved UHD TV has special edition with gold laced back

samsung-gold-uhd-curved-tvWhen it comes to the world of TVs, there has been plenty of quantum leaps made in the advancement of this visual technology. After all, the transition from silent movies in black and white certainly blew the minds of people away when audio could be heard, not to mention being able to see everything else appear in color afterwards. From there, there was a constant refining in this area, as more and more pixels were being crammed into each signal, and eventually we ended up with High Definition as a standard. This is still not enough, and in a bid to increase realism when watching a show, Samsung introduced a Curved OLED TV last year. However, time has progressed, and the South Korean conglomerate has stepped forward with this brand new 78” Curved UHD TV that boasts of something special that other of its TVs in this range do not have – that is, to have the back painted in gold lacquer.

To make it all the more exclusive, this gold lacquered 78″ Curved UHD TV from Samsung will be made available to the winning bid at Christie’s Hong Kong autumn auction, although the public will be able to have a look at it in the preview. All proceeds from the sale of this unique TV’s auction will be donated to Orbis, which is a global non-governmental organization (NGO) that has the calling to improve access to high-quality eye health around the world.

South Korean artist Sung Yong Hong is the one who is the inspiration behind the Special Edition 78″ Samsung Curved UHD TV. You can definitely be sure that no one else in the world will have a similar TV to this if you happen to put in the winning bid, and it would be an opulent addition to any living room or movie room for sure.

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