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Samsung unveils waterproof AQ100 digital camera

Love spending plenty of time underwater, swimming with the fishes while snapping both photos and videos? Then you might want to consider the Samsung AQ100 waterproof digital camera which allows you to concentrate on snapping images instead of worrying whether the equipment you carry will malfunction or not. After all, memories can be made in an instant, and if the moment has passed by, it might not come around ever again. The Samsung AQ100 is here to ensure that what you see will be digitally recorded forever (assuming proper backup schedules are maintained), where you will read more about this little digital camera that could right after the jump.

The AQ100 manages to cram in a slew of features and functions into a body that measures a mere 0.78″ thin, where it can work even in up to 10 feet of water, courtesy of the camera’s exceptional low-light performance that lets it snap bright images at that depth. After all, the AQ100’s does come with a dedicated Aqua mode that will optimize camera settings for the best possible underwater photos. On land, it doesn’t wobble at all in terms of performance, boasting an ample, 5x optical inner zoom lens with Digital Image Stabilization that helps snap ever sharp photos sans blur. Not only that, you are able to check out whatever you have just captured thanks to its bright, 2.7″ TFT LCD display.

Shooting digital stills isn’t the only thing the AQ100 can do well – it is also capable of recording 720p HD video above or below the water. Shooting video will also kick in the image stabilization function, making sure that it compensates for any shakes or stutter experienced if you have frayed nerves while a shark is heading towards your way. The 12-megapixel shooter known as the Samsung AQ100 will be available later this spring for $199.99.

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