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Samsung ST30 digital camera offers great shots, anytime, anywhere

Digital cameras sure have come a long way from their VGA roots, and nowadays the two-digit megapixel limit is fast approaching its twenties even for the most basic of models from the gamut of manufacturers out there. Samsung intends to cater to a broad spectrum of users, with their ST30 model touted to deliver great shots just about anytime and anywhere despite coming in an ultra portable form factor. T The Samsung ST30 is roughly the size of an average cell phone, making it the ideal device to stash away into your pocket or handbag, although we do wonder whether at that size, most people would prefer to stick to their cell phone cameras which frankly speaking, aren’t too shabby at all when it comes to snapping photos and recording videos (the iPhone 4’s CMOS sensor comes to mind). At least Samsung has decided to endow the ST30 with a unique design finished with a high quality metal body and party enhancing color of your choice. Being small doesn’t mean it is short on features – no sir, Samsung has thrown in Smart Auto focus which is an internal battery charging system, a 28mm lens and 3x power optical zoom into its fun-sized body. Not only that, the additional image stabilization will deliver more value to your camera experience, preventing even the tiniest shake so that you will get the sharpest images all the time. Of course, we do have our doubts about that claim since low light conditions are always a tricky environment for a camera to be in. An advanced 10.1-megapixel sensor will provide sharp, crisp detail to make your images stand out from the crowd, while it will be accompanied by an innovative face detection technology, Red-eye fix and even next generation technology which is capable of detecting facial blinking. Basically, it means that whether it’s bright disco lights or sunshine, you are able to make sure that the eyes of your subjects are open and ready for the perfect shot. Not only that, the ST30 will also perform a quick Photoshop fix – evening out skin tones, erasing blemishes and removing dark circles for you to control the quality of your appearance in any situation. If you’re ready to bust open your purse strings for the Samsung ST30, it will only be out this coming March for $99.99 a pop – not too shabby, don’t you think so? Press Release ]]>

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  1. ST30 is an ultra portable which could give you great shots! It does have the fashionable look and offers 10MP/28mm wide 3X zoom lens/ DIS, smart auto, perfect portrait system and Photo Style Selector. It may seems common but sure does have its own uniqueness, nevertheless!

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