Samsung shows laptop with 32GB of flash memory

CeBIT is all for innovations and the likes of it, that’s why Samsung is presenting their first laptop with flash memory instead of the usual hard disks. Last year they had a prototype with 16GB of memory only, which it isn’t a lot but for that time it was already good.

Now they have doubled the prototype capacity and are showing a flash-based-disk with 32GB of memory capacity, at the same size of a 1.8inch hard-disk.

There are a couple of pros and cons about this type of memory – flash – so let me tell you the bad news first. It costs a lot, the current price is $30 per Gigabyte, but prices are suppose to drop in the future. At this price, this 32GB being presented at CeBIT would cost $960 or more. Just think that last year the price was $52/1GB…

Yun Mini, from Samsung, comments:

“At this moment it would be very expensive, but technology is moving very fast so in the near future it could be cheaper.”

Now, about the good news: it’s faster than usual hard-drives. According to there was a difference of 13 seconds when comparing the start-up with a hard-drive computer. They also last longer and protect data better than common HD’s. If for some reason your hard-drive starts messing up and you need to take the computer to a specialized company to get all the data back, these problems are less probable to happen with flash memory.

On top of that, if you like to keep your computer running smoothly with no sound or close to none, keep in mind that being silent is one of the biggest characteristic and advantages of flash memory.

Via PCWorld and FosFor Gadgets

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