Samsung Series 5 Chromebook laptop and desktop announced

South Korean conglomerate Samsung has just announced the availability of the Series 5 Chromebook laptop and desktop, coming in the form of the Series 5 Chromebook and Series 3 Chromebox that will carry Samsung’s signature renowned, sleek design identity. Tipping the scales at slightly more than three pounds, and measuring under an inch thin, the Series 5 Chromebook can be toted around in a jiffy. Not only that, the full-sized keyboard is said to be able to help one achieve maximum convenience and productivity, as it carries a 12.1-inch, SuperBright LCD display that is perfect for all of your portable computing needs, ranging from viewing photos and work documents to holding a conversation face-to-face thanks to the integrated webcam.
As for the Samsung Series 3 Chromebox, this is a compact as well as highly powerful home or office computer, paving the way for the Chrome operating system to function in a desktop environment. Measuring 7.6 x 7.6 x 1.3-inches, this computer is tiny enough to occupy minimal space on your desk, in a bookshelf or perhaps even have it lay next to the couch, making it ideal to tote around wherever you are. Design-wise, it is simple, sporting a sleek matte black finish as well as silver accents.

As for the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook, this little wonder is able to boot up in just seven seconds, letting you increase your productivity levels by a tiny margin. After all, compare that to having your current notebook to fully boot up in a couple of minutes, just how much more work can you get done with that time? Hardware wise, you get an Intel Celeron 867 Dual Core 1.3GHz processor, where it will be accompanied by a 16GB SSD as well as 4GB RAM, which should be sufficient enough to deliver the relevant computing power to get your work done. Of course, since it runs on Chrome, you need an Internet connection to fully utilize it, and the built-in 3G wireless feature (optional) from Verizon Wireless helps you be connected anytime, anywhere. Verizon will deliver up to 100MBs of Mobile Broadband service monthly, where it will keep the device company for a couple of years.
Integrated cloud storage will let the Chromebook and Chromebox access one’s files securely from just about anywhere, while synchronization technology helps you back up all of your preferences, bookmarks and apps, letting you experience a more or less uniform setting regardless of whether you are working from a Chrome browser elsewhere or on another device. There is also Google Cloud Print thrown into the mix for easy web printing to any Samsung Google Cloud Print ready laser printer.
Expect the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook and the Samsung Series 3 Chromebox to arrive from today onwards, with the Series 5 Chromebook Wi-Fi model retailing for $449.99 while the 3G model will be more expensive at $549.99. As for the Series 3 Chromebox Wi-Fi model, it goes for $329.99.

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