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Samson Go Mic Connect announced

samson-go-mic-connectWhile many of us would equate the name “Samson” with that of the Biblical strongman, do bear in mind that it is also the name of an industry pioneer in computer audio products. In fact, Samson has just stepped forward recently to lift the veil on the Go Mic Connect, which would make it the newest addition to the Go Mic family of portable USB microphones.

The Samson Go Mic Connect will be made available prior to its release to the general public via Indiegogo, which would be a very different channel from what many of us are used to. Just what does the Go Mic Connect deliver should you happen to want to pick it up? For instance, it will attach to your computer monitor, TV or sits comfortably on your desk in order to create superior digital communication and computer recordings in even the noisiest office and mobile recording environments. This is made possible courtesy of Samson’s Sound Deck software that is equipped with Focused Pattern Technology and Digital Noise Reduction. In other words, continuous, repetitive ambient noise will be effectively removed from the microphone input, hence resulting in cleaner audio for podcasting, gaming, and voice over internet communication.

The Samson Go Mic Connect will be made available on Indiegogo at various pledge levels, where it begins with an Early Bird special price of $40 for a unit. You can also target the microphone’s pickup field, by placing your focus on a desired sound source directly in front of the microphone. Not only that, users are able to make adjustments to the width of the focused pattern to significantly reduce sound originating from outside the set area. Being extremely compact in size, the Go Mic Connect features an adjustable clip which allows it to be top-mounted on your TV or computer monitor without blocking the internal or external web cam, and you also have the ability to plug external speakers into the microphone’s headphone output for voice over IP (VoIP), activating Echo Erase technology to eliminate any unwanted feedback.

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