Samsung LEVEL U Wireless Bluetooth Headset announced

samsung-level-upSamsung intends to push the proverbial envelope even further with their latest release, the all new Samsung LEVEL U Bluetooth headset. This will be the most recent addition to the LEVEL headset range, where it will make use of the latest Samsung technology in order to deliver the best-in-class sound with crystal-clear call quality, not to mention a stylish, ergonomic design which should tie in very nicely with a comfortable fit. The LEVEL U will also come with a long battery life that would be what road warriors are looking for, and it also happens to be above average for Text-to-Speech (TTS) applications.

Since the world does comprise of many different personalities as well as tastes, you can be sure that having anything released today in just one variety is not going to go down too well with people. Folks want variety and change, and this is why Samsung has decided to introduce the LEVEL U in a range of striking colors, including blue black, white, gold and blue, allowing it to fit just about any style in the process.

Not only that, it tips the scales at a mere 33 grams, where it will feature soft, flexible urethane joints and an ergonomic, adjustable neck-band design, so that the user will be able to enjoy a secure and comfortable fit all the time. In addition, the LEVEL U will also come with a collection of built-in, slightly raised control buttons that make it easy for users to perform tasks such as adjusting the volume, to pause, play or skip a track, even when they are on the move. Such an ergonomically designed hybrid-style eartips merged with the noise-cancelling properties of earbuds alongside the comfort of headphones would offer pure aural bliss, even if you were to listen for extremely long periods of time.

Another innovation in the LEVEL U would be its magnetic eartips that fasten together, making the headset neater as well as more wearable when it is not in use. Definitely a Bluetooth headset with a difference, this.

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