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Samsung Inearfit earphones are perfect for your new Galaxy S6

samsung-inearfitThe modern day smartphone offers a whole lot more than just the ability to make and receive calls, text messages as well as email, but it is also a navigational tool for many other people – not to mention the fact that it also doubles up as a portable media player for a fair number of us who happen to commute to work. Having said that, the amount of storage on smartphones has increased as well by leaps and bounds over the years, allowing one to stash an ever increasing amount of media on the go, so much so that it might even take a month or two before we need to transfer the videos and photos snapped on the handset to free up more space. Enjoying your favorite tunes on the handset is also something that many do, so instead of annoying others with your favorite set of eclectic tunes, how about about getting a decent pair of headphones to go along with your device? Samsung has done just that with their Inearfit earphones, targeting those who are rocking to the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Having built this new pair of earphones for the Galaxy S6, Samsung intends to deliver both sound quality and comfort in a single offering. In order to achieve both, Samsung decided to go back to the drawing board in order to roll out a hybrid design which will blend a couple of types of earphones – one, a canal-type earphones and the other would be the open-type earphones, where it will then deliver superior sound quality with a sophisticated look.

The canal-type earphones will be inserted in the ear canal as its name suggests, offering an intimate sound experience while blocking out external noise, while open-type earphones are fitted directly in the outer ear. The In-ear Fit earphones from Samsung would bring the best of both worlds to a single device, and intend to tailor the fit so that its earphones comfortably fit every unique user. The silicon covers have also been adapted to ensure long-lasting comfort and optimal wearability, and you can choose from four colors – Blue-black, Blue, Red and White.

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