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Samsung expands Level series of smart Bluetooth audio products

samsung-levelSamsung does have its fingers dipped into many different markets at once, and the consumer electronics realm is no exception, with a plethora of devices to choose from which will bear the Samsung mark. This time around, the South Korean conglomerate has decided to expand its Level series of smart Bluetooth audio products, by rolling out the Samsung Level On Wireless and Samsung Level Link. Specially designed to deliver outstanding audio quality in a sleek design, the Samsung Level On Wireless headphones will make use of the latest Samsung technology so that one can enjoy top quality sound in an impeccable package. As for the Samsung Level Link, this accessory will seamlessly transform traditional audio products into wireless solutions, all thanks to Bluetooth technology.

Both models will be out later this month, where regardless of which particular one you decide to pick up and bring home, it will come with easy controls including a customizable mobile application. First of all, the Samsung Level On Wireless headphones boast of circular ear pads, resulting in a sleek, sophisticated look and feel. There will be half a dozen built-in microphones with this bad boy, as it sports an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) function which can accurately map out surrounding sounds for a clearer, uninterrupted audio experience as well as help send voice more clearly whenever people talk via phone. In addition, a dual-layered diaphragm system will further suppress excessive vibration, in turn reducing noise and enabling the headphones to reproduce rich, balanced sound across a wide range of frequencies.

As for the Samsung Level Link, it will make use of Bluetooth connectivity in order to come up with a range of traditional audio devices that are totally wireless. All that users need to do is to connect Level Link to earphones, headphones, a set of speakers or a TV, before pairing it to a Bluetooth-enabled device so that your ears can dance to a similar high-quality sound which one receives from traditional audio devices. There will be Send and Receive modes that sport a simple switch button, delivering an unprecedented level of freedom from the hassle of wires.

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