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Samsung delivers Evernote on the WB250F SMART camera


We do come across a slew of smart devices in this day and age, ranging from smart cars, to smartphones, smart houses, smart windows, smart buildings, a smart TV, smart watches, and heck, why not thrown in a smart camera into the mix as well? Samsung did embark on the path of smart cameras in recent memory with the Samsung WB250F SMART camera, but this time around, the South Korean consumer electronics giant has decided to take a slightly different route by announcing the integration of Evernote into the aforementioned WB250F SMART camera. When you use the power and potential of Evernote with Samsung’s SMART camera 2.0 technologies, users will be able to discover a new method of capturing and synchronizing photos across any device that already comes with Evernote installed.

This particular new Evernote feature integration has been made available to those living in the US already, where it can be enjoyed after one performs a software update to currently-owned and newly-purchased WB250F SMART cameras. Each purchase of the WB250F SMART camera will now be accompanied by three months of the Evernote Premium service (that happens to work out to a $15 value), which will also comprise of a higher upload allowance per month (of up to 1GB), additional sharing options and faster image processing.

Ron Gazzola, Vice President of Marketing for Digital Imaging, said “Consumers want to take great pictures that they can share with their family and friends. With the addition of Evernote to Samsung’s WB250F, users can now seamlessly sync their images across devices and share their photo memories with other Evernote users.”

With this Wi-Fi enabled Samsung Smart Camera, the WB250F will let you share whatever images you have just captured on social networks or via email as long as it remains hooked up to a working Wi-Fi network. After integrating it with Evernote, it provides you another method of making use of your photos, where you can instantly and securely synchronize your freshly snapped photos to the entire range of your personal devices – as long as they have Evernote up and running, that is. Don’t you think that this certainly makes life a whole lot more convenient?