Samsung announces new camcorders


Samsung is back with a couple of new camcorders for those who are looking for a device that is able to perform video recording of your favorite memories without cramping your style or adding a whole lot of bulk to your travel bag. The two models in question are the Samsung SMX-C14 and SMX-C10 that look totally out of this world, being ergonomically designed, compact digital camcorders that comes in industry-leading style and design. Both the new SMX-C14 and SMX-C10 will also be adorned with Samsung’s very own stylish Touch of Color (ToC) finish, where a subtle hint of color is naturally blended into the deep black body for an attractive crystalline appearance (not to mention being a prime candidate as a fingerprint magnet).

The SMX-C14 and SMX-C10 will target the on-the-go consumer, featuring a 10x optical zoom coupled with Hyper Image Stabilization that ensure your shots taken are always clear and sharp, thanks to the reduction of blurry footage. Both models will also come with a 230k resolution swiveling LCD display that measures 2.7″ across diagonally, making it convenient to frame your subjects as well as review your footage without squinting as with many other older camcorders. Just like the full HD HMX-R10, the SMX-C14 and SMX-C10 comes with Samsung’s Active Angle Lens which reduces fatigue thanks to a much more ergonomic grip, minimizing stress on the wrist and elbow while removing the LCD display from the user’s line of sight.

Other features of the SMX-C14 include 16GB of internal flash memory, an SD/SDHC memory card slot, H.264 compression for video and a pretty substantial battery life of over two hours and forty minutes of recording time with each full charge. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of several unique features including time-lapse recording, animated thumbnails and a versatile charging system. There is no word on pricing, but we do know both the SMX-C14 and SMX-C10 will be out this July.

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