Samsung announce mobile telephone with 8 GB storage

Technology companies are falling over themselves to announce new products before the start of the CeBit Technology conference later this month, but we’re guessing that Samsung will steal the show with their new i380 mobile telephone with a built-in 8 gigabyte hard disk.

With a Samsung i310 mobile you get:

  • A phone.
  • A digital camera with 2 megapixel resolution.
  • An mp3 player with 8 gigabytes of storage and support for ACC, WAV, and OGG formats.
  • Bluetooth functionality, USB 2.0 and voice recognition capability.
  • A GPRS navigational system.

On their website, Samsung claim that their smartphone “will change the way people manage and use the mobile phone” and we have to say we’re inclined to agree.

For instance, with a storage capacity of 8GB you can download and store around 2,000 songs on your mobile phone; play them on your Bluetooth stereo unit, or transfer them to your computer. Who needs to buy an MP3 player now?

The digital camera comes with a built-in flash and the Samsung i380 can also be used to record and playback videos using its TV output.

The i380 runs under Windows Mobile software so you can integrate it with your PC to synchronise playlists, songs and videos. Weighing only 120g, you can even use it as a USB storage device.

The new Samsung i380 mobile telephone and MP3 player – definitely the coolest gadget!

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