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Samson Q2U Recording and Podcasting Pack

q2uWith the proliferation of mobile devices these days as well as the convenience of Internet connectivity, content creation is king. User created content is always welcome, and the competition is extremely tough. Videos and podcasts are two of the most popular forms of user created content, as reflected by YouTube personalities and those who broadcast podcasts frequently. If you would like to hop aboard the podcasting bandwagon, you are able to start off with a standard issue voice recorder, but why stop there when you can up the ante with something that is more professional — such as using the Samson Q2U Recording and Podcasting Pack?

The Samson Q2U Recording and Podcasting Pack is a dynamic microphone kit that is ideal for podcasting as well as audio recording purposes. It achieves this kind of balance by merging the convenience of digital and analog audio capture into one dynamic microphone, making it the perfect tool for podcasting, live sound and music recording purposes. Sporting XLR as well as USB outputs, the Q2U will arrive with just about everything one requires in order to start recording right out of the box. It does not matter whether the recording is meant for home/studio or mobile use, the Samson Q2U is more than capable of delivering. The asking price for the Samsung Q2U is $59.99 a pop, and it is already available in the US.

Using the Samson Q2U is a snap — you are able to connect it directly to a computer or mobile device through USB, or have it plugged directly into a mixer or audio interface with an XLR cable. Either way, both connections are able to be utilized simultaneously for recording a live event or performance. Podcasters will find the Q2U to be perfect when it comes to creating a production studio on a tight budget. It offers high-quality audio effortlessly with minimal setup, and comes with a 1/8″ (3.5mm) headphone output so that you can monitor the audio being captured.

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