Sakku Solar Bags made from recycled materials

Although solar bags are nice since they charge up all of our little gadgets through the sun.  Not all of them are made out of the greatest materials.  It’s always nice to come across a solar bag that is all around good for the environment.  As opposed to just having the solar element going for it.  Well this line of bags from Sakku uses old sails for the material of the bag itself.

As of now this is only available in the UK, but they are currently working on getting these sold in the US as well.  It doesn’t give an official date as to when this will happen, it just says coming soon.  A cute little extra is that each bag comes with its own story.  They are individually stamped with the name of the lake or sea in which the boat was located that they took the sail off of. The bags range in price from € 175- € 245 or $275-$385.  Although keep in mind those may not be the official US prices once the new site is up.  As of now that’s just a conversion of the UK prices.

Source: gizmodiva

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