Sailing GPS targets those who love the seas

When it comes to the sport of sailing, there is an art to it just in case you were wondering. It is not all guts and glory as depicted in the movies as well as books, and if you decide to go at it solo, it can get extremely lonely at times. Back in the days when there was no GPS, one only had paper charts and parchments to work with. Good thing for those of you who are about to take up sailing, plenty of technological advancements have been made – and here we are with the sailing GPS.
The Sailing GPS comes in extremely handy, as it will not only account for the tacking that sailboats experience, but is also full well capable of informing you of the optimal tacking angles alongside your Tacking Time to Destination (TTD). Sounds like a dream, no? Hopefully it will be easy to use as well, which is something that we will take a closer look at right after the jump.

Standard GPS chartplotters “fail” in a sense as those do not account for the fact that sailboats do actually tack back and forth, hence leading to the logical conclusion that one does not know one’s tacking distances, resulting in a potentially (and perpetually) skewed Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). The Sailing GPS intends to solve this niggling issue, where it will display the exact distance of just how far each tack is, in addition to details such as the amount of time it is required to sail each tack, and the optimal tacks to arrive earliest.
Google Maps will play a role here, where it is there to mark waypoints in a jiffy. All you need to do is hook up via Bluetooth with the Sailing GPS, and life automatically gets a whole lot easier since there is no need to manually enter long strings of numbers for the latitude and longitude where multiple waypoints are concerned. Heck, the Sailing GPS is also capable of learning the unique “polar plots” for your individual vessel if the need arises. To top it all off, the Sailing GPS is one tough cookie, sporting a screen which does not crack when dropped, while it floats should you, by accident, happen to drop it into the seven seas.

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