Safe Start Stroller Skis for all weather/terrain strolling


Whether you’re an adventurous parent who loves to take to the bunny ski slopes in winter, or a mom and dad who enjoy lazy afternoons on the beach in summer, lugging around a stroller in extreme terrain can be exhausting. Now, Picabo Street can take her baby on a gold medal downhill run while Pamela Anderson baywatches with her baby in the sand. That’s because taking a stroll in the freezing snow or going to the beach in the middle of summer with Safe Start Stroller Skis can make getting that baby stroller stuck a thing of the past.

Designed for use with newborns to toddlers of 24 months, the Safe Start Stroller Skis fasten easily to the wheels of your stroller, turning it into an outrigger of sorts. Then the stroller can slide smoothly over snow or sand with ease.

The Safe Start Stroller Skis can be used with all types of single and double strollers and fit wheels up to 12-1/2″ dia. They are made of durable and slick polyethylene. Dimensions are 6L x 5-1/2W” and weigh about a pound each.

Cost is $24.99 plus shipping at

Ed: Hopefully the whole family’s properly insured before Mom and Dad bust this out of the box for a trial run!

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