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Safe Snapp – a Digital Witness in an App

Could any more people end up missing? I cant even open a paper, watch the news or check my e-mails without hearing yet another tragic story of somebody’s loved one disappearing. As a mom its particularly scary. You would think with all of our satellites and GPS devices there would be something out there that’s better than what were doing now. What could it be?
Someone seems to be thinking in a better direction, check out Safe Snapp, these folks are just released one of the more innovative self-defense tools on the market made especially for your iPhone.  This unique mobile app, or the fact that an app like it actually exists, might just be enough of a deterrent to save some lives. Heres the deal, SafeSnapp provides iPhone users with the ability to place not only themselves, but a would-be attacker at the exact time and location before an attack can happen.
If you feel threatened for any reason, you simply need to tap the SafeSnapp icon, and point your iPhone in the direction of the bad guy and your Safe Snapp app goes to work  within seconds, making a record of the potential attack. Not only three pictures of the attacker, but your GPS coordinates, and your cell phone number are sent to your email address, to your emergency contact and stored within a secure (law enforcement accessible )database almost instantaneously. So, even if the attacker takes or breaks the phone, it’s already too late.  The images and data are already off the phone, and there’s nothing the attacker can do about it.
SafeSnapp is considered a technology based app and is not intended for use on any iPhone prior to the iPhone 4. Safe Snapp is available at the app store for $3.99 so keep your eyes on the Safe Snapp website for updates.

9 thoughts on “Safe Snapp – a Digital Witness in an App”

  1. Those crucial seconds could be used for something that might save someones life…like self defense or running to safer location! Nothing like fumbling in purse/bag for an iPhone to take picture of potential attacker.

  2. Depends on the circumstance, if everyone could just run away then nobody would be missing. If the bad guy knows he’s on camera, the hope is HE runs away…

  3. I think the idea is to use it like you would pepper spray… have it ready to go like when you’re walking to your car in a dark parking lot. I for one am buying it for myself and my 2 college age daughters. Anything that could possibly save their life or at least tell us their last location if something did happen is worth the $3.99 IMO.

  4. I agree with Julie. If the bad guy knows he’s already on camera and would get caught, I think he would be the one leaving before he did anything criminal.

  5. can i just ask, what if the attacker steals your phone and then takes pictures of u and gets YOU arrested? lol

  6. I think if you had your phone in your hand and an attacker approached, you could push the button and it would take his picture and send it off the phone before he could steal your phone. I bought the app and tested it. It’s very fast.

  7. It is called self defense and in my opinion I am not going to get taken by anyone. Love this idea, but I am going to stick to using a gun. The bad guys really dont like looking a a barrel especially if a woman is on the other end!!!

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