Sabertron bring a whole new level of tech to foam swords

sabertronWhen it comes to playing with your young ones, more often than not you will find that imagination is what really carries a time of play forward. Think back to your younger days, when your head was full of hair (for men), while there was no such thing as crow’s feet around your eyes for the ladies. Back then, a cardboard tube or a stick could double up as a cannon, a rifle, a magic wand, and for many I am sure, a lightsaber or sword of some sort. Sabertron intends to bring to life sword fighting in role playing situations, as it happens to be the first foam sword of its kind in the world that features electronic scoring.

Yup, you read that right – electronic scoring, now how about that? This can be described to be “laser tag” with swords, except that you have something which is a whole lot more real as well as having the ability to keep score, hence doing away with any kind of disputes down the road. No longer will a particular hit be called and interrupt the swordplay session, as the Sabertron goes about its work in a dignified manner, thanks to a series of LED strips that have been integrated into the front and back of the handle in order to keep track of player health.

There are five different “gameplay” modes, so to speak, in order to help you get started right out of the box. First of all would be one that requires a whole lot of skill and being aware of your surroundings, although I would be extremely tempted to throw my Sabertron in the direction of my opponent – “One Hit to Win It”. All that you need to do is to land one successful body hit, and you win.

As for “Countdown”, you will need to land a trio of hits to win, whereas in “Metered Damage”, the stronger the blow, the more damage your opponent takes. “Eternal Struggle” takes on an interesting perspective, where you can earn health back over the passage of time, or by blocking several blows. As for “Hopeless”, it is a reflection of Eternal Struggle, where you can earn health back more quickly, and with even fewer blocks. Not only that, the lower your health gets, the less damage you’ll take.

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