The RYNO is a one-wheeled microcycle that is perfect for quick jaunts


We all are in a hurry to get from point A to B. Every single minute is planned out, and because we’re human, things often go wrong and we find ourselves a few minutes late. If you often walk to and from your destination, then you’ve probably looked into methods of transportation such as a bike, scooter, or other wheeled people-movers that won’t take up much space or energy.

The Segway, though it has been deemed rather “white and nerdy”, could effectively get a person from place to place. If you like the idea, but wish it didn’t look so hilarious, then you might be fond of the RYNO. This is essentially half of a motorcycle, as it only moves on one wheel. You’ll have no need of gasoline as this runs off of electricity, and on a full charge it can go up to ten miles at 10 miles per hour. This is perfect for short trips that you’d either rather not walk, or don’t have the time to travel on foot.

To use this vehicle, you only need to lean forward, and the bike will move. To slow down or stop, lean back. Whenever you need to park, lean it forward onto the front parking bumpers, deactivate the balance system, and put on the break. It can support up to 260 pounds, which includes both the rider and any possessions they may want to bring along with them. It will cost you $5,295, and there are options to get the RYNO Rack (for your grocery bags) and a Lithium Ion battery. That’s a good hunk of money to spend just to shave off a few minutes of walking, but if you value your time more than the amount of money you have, it could be worth it.

Available for pre-order on RYNO


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