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Rust-O-Less – No more rust rings in the bathroom!



There are a few items like hair spray and shaving cream that are packaged in metal containers. We keep them in the bathroom because that’s where they’ll be used, but after a while the metal and water are going to cook up a rusty ring that will be a pain to scrub off the tub or sink. If you aren’t good about keeping your metal cans in a dry area when you’re not using them, you might want to find alternative options for storage unless you want to scrub your tub to death with industrial cleaning agents.

These Rust-O-Less caps are sure to keep the hard labor to a minimum. It’s a simple premise, a cap made of silicone that will fit over the bottom of your 10 or 11 ounce metal cans. This will keep the inevitable metal and water combination safe inside the cap without making you clean up after it.

This will not save you from having to clean the bathroom every now and again, but it will lessen the difficulty of the task by a long shot. These caps come in black, blue, and pink, costing you $8.99 for one, or $9.99 for two which appears to be the better option, mathematically speaking. The cap will likely be gross and the can will still rust, but at least you won’t have to deal with a mess because of it!

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