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The Rurudo Fan Shade keeps you safe come rain or shine


When you think of an umbrella, you immediately recall needing one if it rains. Of course, in places where the temperature is regularly hot enough to cook an egg on the road, an umbrella can be used to keep the sun off of you so your skin doesn’t feel like it’s boiling. While most just rely on sunscreen to keep their skin safe, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little extra protection from the sun.

This Rurudo Fan Shade is going to help you keep away from harmful UV rays while staying cool at the same time. This is a parasol, umbrella for rain, and a fan that will keep you dry, cool, and away from a sun tan should you be trying to steer clear from that sort of thing. The canopy is made of cotton and polyester with a water-repellant finish, which means you’ll be safe from a decent drizzle, but will likely have some water coming through if it’s an all-out downpour.

This is rather frilly and cute, but for it to work you’ll need to have 4 AA batteries handy to make sure the fan keeps going. You’ll be able to turn the fan on or off through a button on the handle. I can forsee someone accidentally hitting the switch on a rainy day and getting a cool blast of air that will make the chill seem far worse, but possibly more terrifying is the chance of getting your hair stuck in the fan. If it’s a risk you’re willing to take, then it’s going to cost you $110.

Available for purchase on JapanTrendShop