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Runway watch from Michael Kors gets an update

michael-kors-runwayIt makes perfect sense for a fashion house to introduce an update to their current collection, and where Michael Kors is concerned, it is not clothing that the fashion house is concerned about this time around, but rather, an update to their iconic Runway watch. This innovative smartwatch is a fresh, eye-catching addition to the popular Michael Kors Access collection, where it lays claim to being the next evolution of wearable technology. Offering a new highly personalized experience complete with heart-rate tracking capability, swimproof functionality, payment methods, and untethered GPS, it is far more than a regular timepiece.

In order to sweeten the deal, it will arrive in more than the usual trio of classic stainless steel platings. The new Runway watch will feature the brand’s first ever silicone-strap styles that is perfect for the customer who would like a smartwatch that is able to make a transition from a workout all the way to a night out without missing a beat.

Sporting a brand new digital dial design which will connect to and visually display one’s heart rate, this makes it extremely easy to measure and track with but a single glance. Not only that, there is an update to the My Social app, which is a feature that enables users to showcase their Facebook and Instagram photos on the watch dial itself for an extremely personalized experience.

Being able to automatically track the wearer’s heart rate across multiple types of workouts via Google Fit or third-party apps, this is certainly one timepiece for fitness enthusiasts that will also look great on their wrists without having to wear a pesky heart rate monitor. Swimproof functionality of it being waterproof up to 3 ATM allows one to shower and swim without any worry of it short circuiting halfway, while those who love contactless payments will find the integrated NFC capability worth their while as one makes transactions through Google Pay. Also, untethered GPS capability allows you to leave your handset at home whenever you head out, since it has built-in GPS that records the distance your have covered on your next fitness outing.

Running on Wear OS by Google with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 SoC, this new Michael Kors Access Runway touchscreen smartwatch will work with both iPhone and Android smartphones.

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