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The Runphones make cardio in the cold more enjoyable


It’s already cold, but you can feel the temperature inching down further and further. Not only doesn’t that mean it’s going to be snowy and miserable, but it also means the holiday season approaches with its various traditional meals and baked goods. It’s hard to stay in shape when all you want to do is hunker down and eat. If you have the willpower to keep up with running, then you likely want to try and find ways to make it more enjoyable than the arduous and almost painful task it is in the winter.

Layering is the only way to keep yourself warm, but you also want to listen to music. The Runphones Wireless are the perfect way to listen to tunes and simultaneously bundle up. It’s a sport-style headband that has wireless speakers inside to let you run to the beat. The speakers are rechargeable, and will give you 8-12 hours of music at full power. As it would be disgusting otherwise, this headband is machine washable, but it’s imperative that you remember to remove the speakers first, as they can only handle a little bit of water.

This is sort of a “one size fits all”, meaning it won’t fit those who are above 5’3” with short hair or those with a big head and thick hair. This is available in black, pink, gray, and sapphire (glorified blue) at a price of $99.99. These would also be useful for those who like to sleep with music, but don’t want to blare music out of a sound system that a significant other or neighbors could hear.

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