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RunLites reveal new ways to run safely at night

runlitesAre you one who loves to pound the pavement when the sun has set and the mercury drops? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would do well to be able to enjoy what RunLites has to offer with a couple of new products. RunLites has rolled out new wearable technology that will make your night runs a whole lot more enjoyable — and safer, as you can literally take things into your own hands. The two devices in question would be the RunLites SLING and RunLites Splash, as they arrive in ultra-cool styles and colors.

Those who reside in warmer climates might want to take a look at the $19.95 RunLites SLING, as it is the perfect tool for those wanting hands-free access to light without having to actually wear a real glove. Specially designed for running, walking, cycling, hiking or hunting at night, or basically for any indoor and outdoor tasks in low-light areas, the RunLites SLING is a palm-less option that features hands-free directional light without the warmth of a glove, and it is also made out of weather resistant material which can withstand the elements. Its sleek design with “barely there” feel with wide reflective wrist strap adds another layer of safety, while the velcro pocket is there for its rechargeable LED unit. You can opt to wear it alone in warm weather, and its versatility allow the RunLites SLING to be worn over a glove in colder temperatures.

As for the new RunLites Splash range, each $19.95 purchase will arrive in the form of fingerless gloves, presented in a new lightweight breathable fabric in fresh colors, patterns and fabrics. Some of the features will include reflective strips on palm and around the LED light pocket, a convenient palm pocket for items such as money and keys, a sleek and snug LED light pocket that will help prevent the light from wiggling, a special opening for rechargeable cable so that there is no need to remove lights from pocket before charging, an extended middle finger fabric pull for easy glove removal, and a terry cloth thumb for wiping away moisture.

Since bicycles have their own night lights, why not runners, right?

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