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The Run4 bike gives you no-impact running

Run4 Runnning Bicycle

Most of the jobs we work nowadays don’t require much from us physically. More often than not we’re sitting for hours on end, fidgeting and trying to re-position as it’s unnatural for us to be in one place for too long. We need to exercise to keep ourselves functioning in top order, but finding a workout that is right for your body is quite the task. Not everyone is built to do hundreds of push-ups, bench press the equivalent of a cow, or go on an 8 mile run everyday.

If running seems like the most exciting out of all the options for exercise, but you know your joints can’t take the strain, then you likely want to find a way to do the action without the impact. We’ve seen something similar in the past, but the Run4 Bionic Runner looks to be quite polished. Thanks to its non-impact kinetic chain, your feet will run along a path that leads to you to a mid-foot running gait, which is the most common style among endurance runners. This was made to mimic as closely as possible the characteristics of running while removing the joint-crunching impact you would otherwise have to deal with.

This bicycle comes at no small fee, weighing in at about $1,495. It is certainly a specialty item, and runs in the same price category as a higher quality elliptical machine. Best of all, this bicycle can fold down, making life easy for those with a short commute or people who are constantly on the move. It is made of high-quality materials that were heat-treated to be strong, and coated to make sure it can withstand the abuse it will surely receive over time.

Available for purchase on Run4