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The Ruggie makes you wake up and put two feet on the floor

It’s a good thing that we wake up from every night of sleep refreshed and ready to face the day’s tasks, right? That is indeed a load of crap, and the snooze button on our alarm is usually hit more times in one morning than we hit the gym in a week. While it’s hard to wake up, sometimes all you need is to separate yourself from your warm spot under the covers.

If you want to start your morning off right, why not get a comfortable alarm clock that encourages you to get up? The Ruggie is just like those memory foam bath mats, except this one is far more interesting, and useful. This is a memory foam pad covered in a soft fleece with a bright LED display that shows the time, and can double as a night light, as tapping it with your foot will display the time. When your alarm goes off, you’ll have to wake up and put both feet on the mat with enough pressure for 3 seconds for it to turn off.

You will be able to put your feet over the side of the bed and on the mat since it is pressure-sensitive, but you would never abuse that aspect when you’re tired…never. Once you do complete the three seconds, you can choose to have a motivational message of your choosing play, or you can program it to play whatever you’d like. This runs on 3 AAA batteries, and should last for a year with normal use. To wash it, because your feet will make this gross, undo the zipper, take out the electronics, and toss it in the wash. It will cost you $79 to get one of these, if you’re alright with supporting a crowdfunding campaign that is successful 4 times over.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter