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Rugged UMPC hits the streets


Notebooks are extremely fragile things, so if you’re thinking of heading out to the great outdoors while carrying some of your work with you, you had better make sure your notebook is capable of standing up to the rigors ahead. The Acturion Victum Tablet 8 is one tough nut to crack, coming with a 8.4″ LCD display and a chassis which is drop, shock, and vibration proof that is capable of working just fine in low and high temperatures. Heck, it even shrugs off dust, rain, and sand in the event you need to update your blog during a sandstorm. Processing wise, it ain’t too hot though with a Pentium M 1.2GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. The Acturion Victum Tablet 8 is equipped with 7 hours of battery life which is a huge plus. Chances are this will cost a huge hole in your pocket, so make sure you have ample savings before picking one up.

Source: Engadget