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Rubberband Gun inspired by Metal Gear

In case you are out of focus with video games, you may have heard about Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The game is immensely popular, and there is a gun used by the main character Snake that is definitely some sweet metal gear.

A Japanese fan has designed a stainless steel gun that resembles on from the game, but this one shoots rubberbands. I’ve never really used rubberband guns before, but this one certainly makes me want it.

All the user needs to do is cock the metal gear in the back and string on about six rubberbands. Then you just take aim and fire, and there is even a safety.

The gun even has a laser-sighter like the one in The Terminator, and there is even a flashlight for shots in the dark. The gun even has a fold down handle for keeping aim extra steady.

Well, this is just a fan-inspired creation for now, but surely the video game crowd is big enough to want something like this. In other words, there is a demand, but probably not much of a supply. I would say to the Japanese fanboy who invented it to get ready for mass production.

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy this YouTube video of the gun in action.

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