Rubber Band Warfare

This must be the ultimate weapon in the office rubber band flicking war, the fully automatic rubber band machine gun.

Each machine gun is beautifully hand crafted and not only resembles an old western Gatling Gun but actually fires like one. Ammunition for the gun is obviously elastic bands, of which it can hold 144 at a time (12 bands on each of the 12 barrels).Firing the gun is then a simple case of aiming and turning the handle and you’ve got to be on target at least once with 144 bands.

The one drawback to this shooter is the price, weighing in at $395, but for that you do get a hand crafted piece of artwork. If you want to save some money and have a keen interest and knowledge in woodworking you can just buy the plans for $29.95 and build it yourself, though you will need a fair amount of equipment (tablesaw, drill press, band saw etc.), time and skill.

Yet another thing that I’ll be adding to my “I want one of those” list.

[BackyardArtillery found via ohGizmo]

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