rsstroom reader for your restroom

If Archie Bunker, from “All in the Family”, were around today, he would not believe this new innovative way to read the news in the restroom. He always grabbed the newspaper and his reading glasses before heading off to the bathroom upstairs, in this sitcom. Today, all he would need are his reading glasses with the invention of the rsstroom reader.

Yi Tien Electronics created this wacky gadget. What it does is that it actually prints the news directly onto the toilet tissue through a RapidResolution inkjet technology. The rsstroom reader uses a wireless connection and will print out up to the minute news from rss 2.0 and atom newsfeeds. It is configurable via a web browser and can be to give you an unlimited number of feeds. You can choose from sequential, alternating or random mode.

It comes complete with the biometric seat that enables tracking your weight loss and even printing your progress.

Not only will you get the latest news, but also, no matter how many people use the same facilities, you will be able to read your own new feeds instead of others in your home. This gadget can tell by weight which person is using the toilet and what news to give.

Now, you can enjoy reading up to the minute news in the privacy of your restroom. You will need Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher on PC or Mac for your rsstroom reader to work properly.

Yi Tien Electronics is also planning a commercial version of the rsstroom reader, which will be intended for public restrooms. This one will allow advertisers to put their own customized messages on the toilet tissue through a subscription service through Yi Tien Electronics. What other ways can they think of to send us spam? At least with this spam it can flushed and forgotten.

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