Royole-X, the foldable smart mobile theatre

royole-xThere is something about the silver screen that makes life a whole lot more colorful and enjoyable, as some of us take to the movies to escape from the cares and concern of the world, while others see it as an expression of art, although more and more movies these days happen to rely on special effects rather than a solid story backing it up. Having said that, the place where you view the movie is equally important in getting the ambiance right, and Royole Corporation has hit the Royole-X right on the head with it being the first foldable smart mobile theatre device of its kind.

Sporting one of the highest pixel density displays for a device in its class, it will also be accompanied by stunning noise-cancelling headphones, a novel operating system that is known as the Royole-X OS and a unique foldable product design. In other words, the Royole-X is presented as an unprecedented theatrical experience that follows you just about everywhere, regardless of whether you are in a college dorm, at home, or on a flight. Not only that, the integrated video-audio design will also offer a brand new fashion to the wearable industry.

For instance, the Royole-X will adopt a leading-edge display technology which will allow it to carry the world’s highest pixel density display of 3300 PPI (pixels per inch), which is approximately 10X higher than current leading-edge smartphone displays. The Active-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Display (AMOLED) within delivers a high contrast ratio that is greater than 10,000:1, wide color gamut, microsecond level response speed and 24-bit RGB color mode. As for the accompanying AMOLED display, it will feature detailed optical and human factor design to ensure a truly eye-pleasing mobile theatre.

The unique form factor of the Royole-X enables the weight of the headset to be distributed more evenly away from the user’s nose, and both headphone and display can be folded to become one-piece when the device is not in use, ensuring ultimate portability and fashion.

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