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Royole Smart Writing Pad makes CES 2018 bow

royole-smart-writing-padThe forgotten art of writing on paper has not been abandoned just yet, with Royole stepping up to the fore by offering a digital interpretation of capturing our thoughts and prose. The Smart Writing Pad, which will debut at CES 2018, will bring together the traditional pen and paper writing experience by merging with digital capture and share capabilities that will be a hallmark of the future. Drawing from Royole’s unique and patented flexible electronics technologies, this particular unit will be able to accommodate real-time writing on standard paper with traditional pen refills. What makes it special is the fact that users will be able to enjoy the advantage of having a digital record sent straight to their smart device, computer, and to the cloud on the spot, or choose to transfer at a later and more convenient time.

Using the Smart Writing Pad is extremely simple. All that you need to do is to place it under a sheet of paper, and from there, any form of writing, drawing, or even scribbling will be reproduced directly onto any connected smart device or computer. From there, it can be saved into the digital format, and best of all is, this is achieved in real time without having to go through lengthy conversion processes and the ilk. Another plus point of the Smart Writing Pad that makes it highly desirable is the fact that it will function even without any smartphone or tablet in the vicinity, since whatever information that it captures on the spot will be saved directly inside, and be synchronized later onto the cloud or with a smart device.

In addition, it will feature 2048 force-touch handwriting, which is an accurate representation of the written material, and will also be accompanied by pressure intensity so that there will not be any experience of a writing break off or delay.

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