Roxy and JBL team up to create fashionable headphones for women


There’s some good news for the women who enjoy their tech gadgets to be good quality as well as stylish.  As it turns out JBL and Roxy are teaming up to create a line of headphones specifically for women.  From their teaser pic you can thankfully see that they aren’t just painting a thick coat of pink on and leaving it at that.  From that one little picture, it appears that the headphones will most definitely be worth checking out.  You won’t have to wait all that long to see them either, it appears that they’ll start unveiling these next month.

Of course there is no solid date on that, but it is apparent that they have hopes to release these in May.  The collection will also include some earbuds for those that don’t like to wear the full-sized headphones all the time.  Hopefully the prices aren’t too outrageous to go with these stylish electronics.  Beyond the picture and that they’re teaming up to release these soon, there aren’t a whole lot of details.  I suppose we’ll just have to impatiently wait for May to finally come around.

Source: Crave

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