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RoWrite smart writing pad

RoWriteEver wished that you were able to digitize all of your handwritten notes, doodles, as well as carefully drawn up diagrams without having to go through the tedious process of working with a scanner? Well, Royole Corporation might have just the thing for you with the introduction of the RoWrite smart writing pad. This is a unique device that is also perfect as the one-size-fits-all back-to-school essential for students regardless of their education level. It will rely on the company’s unique and patented flexible electronics technologies in order to capture accurately, store, as well as share all kinds of handwritten material to be used with other digital applications.

 It does not matter whether one is in kindergarten or are currently working on a post-graduate course, or are simply somewhere in between those two contrasting levels. The RoWrite smart writing pad will be able to capture real-time writing, regardless of whether you have perfect penmanship or basic scribbling that rivals a doctor’s handwriting, doing so on standard paper with traditional pen refills. From there, it can be digitally reproduced immediately and directly onto any smart device, to the cloud, or simply saved on the spot in order to have it transferred some time down the road.

This means class notes, homework, sketches, and drawings, among others, can be easily captured, including the writing down of formulas, drawing of diagrams, integrals, calculations, and chemical compounds. Normally, those tend to be difficult to enter into a digital device via a keyboard, and this is where the advantage of the human hand and RoWrite comes in. The presence of the Convert to Text function can translate handwritten notes into editable text. Thanks to its 2048 force-touch handwriting sensitivity, this delivers an accurate representation of the written material, pressure intensity included, to guarantee smooth writing without any break offs or delays.

Expect the Royole RoWrite to retail for $109.99 apiece, where it is accompanied by an elegant and functional textured cloth folio.

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