Rotating Targets Infrared Shooting Gallery

Feel that you have it in you to be a Top Shot winner, but never really made it to the show, let alone applied? You can either get some practice in even when you no longer have money to purchase bullets – that is easily done with the Rotating Targets Infrared Shooting Gallery. Yes sir, this shooting gallery will definitely challenge players to quickly hit three rotating targets – all using a harmless infrared gun.
There will be three two-sided targets that rotate randomly on an infrared-sensing base, where they will reveal themselves to either be an image of a wolf, bear, or mountain lion, while a fellow hunter is imprinted on the reverse of each. I’m quite sure you know the drill by now – take that precious minute given to you to down as many prey as possible with the infrared gun, while trying to avoid your fellow hunters (although when you think of them as outlaws, everything else is fair game).
A “reloading” sound will play back whenever you pump the infrared gun to add to the realism level, and there are three modes of play to choose from. You will need a mixture of AA and AAA batteries to get the entire setup going, so we would recommend rechargeables.