Rotating Air Hockey To Billiards Table saves space in your home

rotating-air-hockey-tableWhen the day is nice and sunny out there, surely it beats staying at home and sitting in front of the TV, don’t you think so? It is time to get out and enjoy some fresh air outdoors. However, when winter arrives and the mercury drops, perhaps it would be more prudent to find some other kinds of indoor activity, even better yet if you can burn some calories while you are at it. Enter the $799.95 Rotating Air Hockey To Billiards Table – this is one unique sporting implement that reasonably sized homes should have, as it offers a fast paced game of air hockey on one side, and when you need a slower pace to while your time away, flip it over and voila! A billiards table is there for you to play with your partner.

In a nutshell, this is a rotating table which will incorporate a couple of full-size game room favorites in a space that is normally reserved for just one. The air hockey table’s glossy white playing surface as well as its 110-volt blower would enable fast-paced action while its 3″ solid MDF rails and heavy-duty aprons are more than capable of standing up to rigorous play. This particular 7′ billiards table will be solidly constructed from warp-resistant, high-density MDF and it comes covered in a nylon blend cloth for a consistent roll. Switchign from one game to the other can be done in a jiffy – just rotate the playing surface and lock into place, and you’re god to go. It will feature a pair of 57″ cues, balls, rack, chalk, two air hockey strikers, and two pucks, although DIY enthusiasts will love the fact that just like the Avengers, some assembly is required.