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Roqos opens up the door to first cloud-based Wi-Fi router service

roqosNot all Wi-Fi routers are created equal, and while some have interesting designs that look out of this world like the Asus RT-AC5300, how many of them are cloud-based? Roqos is here to set the pace, being the first ever cloud-based Wi-Fi router service that has just launched online, where it will open the door for users to have peace of mind as well as a sense of control where their networks are concerned.

Users will also be provided with affordable parental controls, not to mention other features which are crucial in this day and age, including cybersecurity, easy networking and customer support. Roqos Core will be part of the service, being a high performance Wi-Fi router controlled by accompanying Roqos app. Thanks to the Roqos service, consumers will then be able to receive continuous updates in order to ward off hackers and intrusive online content.

Roqos claims that they will be able to deliver the strongest internet connection and shields against online threats — which is a pretty tall claim to deliver. What is considered to be extremely important to the subscription-based service would be the Roqos Core, which is a high performance Wi-Fi router that has advanced cybersecurity and parental control features, not to mention cloud-based management that is accessible via the Roqos app and web browser.

With its Parental Controls, parents can rely on the all-in-one service to outsmart their children’s smart devices. It does not matter where the parents are, they can set predetermined filters to limit access to specific websites or games and to a particular weekly schedule, which can include dinner time, bedtime or more. As long as the parents have an Internet connection, that is, which should not be too much of an issue or challenge these days.

It takes around two minutes to get started, and will require just the Roqos app. The moment it is activated, Roqos will constantly scan the home network and notifies users of connected devices with detailed information. Pricing details vary, and you can check it out on their website.

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