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The Room in Room will let you camp at home and cut down on bills


When I was little, setting up a tent in the living room and “camping” with my friends was the best ever. It was a dark, cozy spot to sleep without the threat of woodland creatures trying to eat us at night. While it was fun as a kid, that doesn’t mean the same methods wouldn’t help me sleep as an adult too. The people at Kamper must have felt the same way, because they’ve got a product that will make your inner child do a somersault with excitement.

Since we’re older and have to live with a normal adult schedule, it stands to reason that we would value sleep quite a bit more. So much so that we’re even willing to buy gadgets to help us monitor the quality of the sleep that we get. This Room in Room is a tent that goes over your bed that will lessen exterior noise, light, and give you a bit more privacy. This is said to block over 95% of light, so those working the graveyard shift would especially benefit from this.

In the winter, this will also help retain body heat, helping you keep the thermostat lower without feeling like you’ll be a Popsicle by morning. This is made of 6061 aluminum poles for the frame, and TC (Tetron Cotton or Poly Cotton) for the fabric as it is soft and gentle on your skin, ideal for blocking light, and conserving heat. There are additional accessories so that you can also turn Room in Room into a sort of hammock desk as well. This comes in off white, ocean blue, and blackout black, costing anywhere from $99 up to $258 depending on type, color, and size you want.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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