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The Whole Room or Personal Heater keeps you toasty in the winter cold

Whole room or personal heater

If you’re buying a space heater, you likely want it to heat more than your feet. These things are supposed to warm an entire room, but oftentimes they fall short. This usually means you have to sit snuggled up next to it while constantly shifting because it’s scorching some specific part of your body that it’s sitting next to.

If you’re wanting to actually heat your space, then this Whole Room Heater is going to help you out. On the highest setting, it puts out 1500 watts which enable the infrared heating to warm up rooms up to 256 square feet. Poke the button and boom, now the wattage is cut in half, making it perfect for heating the space immediately around you. In-house testing from the seller said that the ambient temperature was raised by 17 degrees, and the personal setting raises the temperature by 6 degrees Fahrenheit.

The whole room is heated by pitched blades that create an air circulation vortex that will spread the heat around. There’s a digital thermostat, auto-shutoff if it gets knocked over so you can’t burn your home down, and stays cool to the touch despite the heat. This will cost you $179.99 which is quite pricey compared to other more stationary options, but there is a little more security in not possibly burning down where you live, or having to get 3rd degree burns just from wanting to be warm.

Available for purchase on Hammacher

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