There’s no room for mistakes with the Beta Inkless Pen

Beta Inkless Pens

If you write and draw on paper more than you type on a screen, then you know how important the quality of your writing implements and paper are. There are some types of paper that will shred before you can finish writing a full sentence, and pencils with lead that will snap on a whim. If you use decent quality materials, then your main problem is figuring out not only what to put on the page, but what to remove from it.

As it is with any drawing or written piece, there’s a lot of editing that turns an initial thought into a finished product. Usually you will spend hours putting something on the page, and removing parts and pieces of words or lines until you have a masterpiece. Of course, not every tool you have will allow for such frivolous marks. The Beta Inkless Pen is unrelenting as any other pen in that you cannot remove any gesture put on the page once it is in place. However, the big difference is that it uses lead to make its mark instead of ink.

That being said, make sure your mind doesn’t wander so far that you try to put the tip of this into your mouth as you’re thinking (ever heard of lead poisoning?). This pen is fun to use, and not only leaves a lasting mark, but won’t ever need refills. You can choose to get this in a black or silver anodized aluminum shell, or hard cherry wood. All versions will cost you $29.95, which isn’t too bad considering this will provide you with a pen that will never lose its mark-making ability, and won’t smudge or erase. This could quickly become your favorite pen if you prefer to make every mark count.

Available for purchase on jzpen