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Rolling Vertical Garden spruces up your home without taking up much space

rolling-vertical-gardenIf there is one thing that is a mainstay in cities, it would be this – since the population in the area continues to expand, and the amount of land gets more and more scarce, there is only one direction in which buildings are able to be built – upwards. I suppose those of us who grew up in a vast expanse of land, would have missed having a garden around – something which is just not possible if you happen to reside in a cramped apartment. Thankfully, there is always creative thinking involved with the folks over at Hammacher, hence the $179.95 Rolling Vertical Garden.

The name itself says it all – this happens to be the vertical garden that displays five planters in a mere 4′ sq. of outdoor space, where it will also be set on casters in order to provide easy relocation. The Rolling Vertical Garden is ideal for use in balconies or small patios and decks, where the garden’s 60″ vertical post is capable of supporting a pair of large and a trio of small pots which you can make use of for growing herbs, vegetables, and flowers. The pots can be detached easily for convenient planting, and hooked into place at staggered heights in order to maximize sun exposure. Boasting of an attractive terra cotta appearance, the planters are made out of UV-resistant and lightweight plastic.