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Rolling Resistance Core Strengthener helps you achieve your New Year resolution

rolling-resistanceSo, all of the festivities are well and truly over – which means it is time to start making sure that you can shed off that weight around your waist, right? After all, the amount of feasting done over the holiday season would have returned with a vengeance (and interest, I might add) around your waist, and this is where the true battle for “middle earth” begins. We’ve seen an Isometric Resistance Upper Body Strengthener before, but that is where you ought to “migrate” to once you have taken full advantage of the $49.95 Rolling Resistance Core Strengthener.

The Rolling Resistance Core Strengthener happens to be a rolling exerciser that cleverly combines wheels and adjustable resistance bands in order to have them work every major muscle group in the body’s core. You will be able to set the desired resistance of the bands, gripping each pair of non-skid wheels, and planting the knees on the soft base pad while leaning on the handles, users will then be able to gently ease into fluid rolling exercises which provide critical strengthening to abdominals, shoulders, arms, and back muscles. Once you are done, it is a snap to place it away to reduce the amount of clutter at home, as it can fit on a closet shelf. At least it comes with an instructional guide to help you build an exercise regimen that will bolster core strength.

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